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Selangor, Malaysia.

About Us

Weigh, Convey and Feed virtually any Bulk Solid Material
Formed in 2005, BULKVEYOR, a locally incorporated company specializes in the design and manufacture of bulk handling equipment and custom engineered and integrated plantwide systems that weigh, convey and feed a broad range of powder and bulk solid materials for the broadest range of processing industries such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical, packaging and solid-waste and biomass industries.
Our Capabilities
Efficient handling of bulk materials is a key to productivity and profitability. That is why BULKVEYOR products range from a simple system/equipment to a fully automated system that transfer bulk materials from within plant locations from in-plant to inter-plant transferring and vice-versa, in-between process equipment and storage vessel, load and unload from dump hoppers, bulk bag dischargers, trucks and railcars to fulfill these key objectives.
BULKVEYOR can deliver the complete plant including particle analysis, selection of pneumatic conveying system and sub-systems auxiliary components, erection and commissioning. It all starts with a customer enquiry, leading to analyzing the material safety data sheet and proceed to whether has the material been conveyed or handled before. If no, a conveying test run is needed to determine the conveying process and simulation of the conveying route.
The efficiency of the bulk solids feeder is depended on the material and the application. The optimum configuration framework is then simulated based on the client’s requirement and economical cost. And finally, design completion.
Pneumatic Conveying Technologies
Pneumatic Conveying is a much sought after conveyor systems in the processing industries around the world today and within the technology is divided into two types of system i.e. Pressure and Vacuum system.
In recent years with the advancement of research and development, conveying in dilute and dense phase mode was established. As a local vendor, BULKVEYOR is able to provide this authentic pneumatic conveying technology for your applications without spending huge amount of capital expenditures when out source abroad.
In-House Design and Custom Fabrication
From batching to continuous system, simple to complex storage system, reclaiming and stacking of materials, vessels, hoppers, silos and structures are design and custom fabricate to the right appropriate size and shapes to suit your requirements. All major and sub components are pre-assemble prior to shipping thus, saving considerable amount of shipping and installation cost.