Lot 2211-E, Kawasan Perindustrian,
Kg. Jaya, Jalan Hospital,
47000 Sg. Buloh,
Selangor, Malaysia.


Features and Advantages:
  • Lowest headroom profile among all feeders
  • Cost effective and good performance efficiency with hygienic features
  • Continuous Suck & Blow operation
  • Long distances conveying can be achieved
  • Pipe diameter from 100mm to 500mm possible
  • No moving parts during feeding and discharging operation
  • No Cavitation for handling Sludge or Slurry
  • No seals, packing gland or bearing – leakage free
  • Suitable for Fibrous, Non-Abrasive materials, Hot materials, High-Moisture materials, Oil Mist & Grease fumes, and Toxic Fluids & Fumes
  • Mud, Quarry Sand, Drill Cuttings and Slurry handling
  • Automatic Waste Collection System (AWCS) / Pneumatic Waste Collection System (PWCS) / Automatic Refuse Collection System (ARCS) - municipal solid waste, garbage, trash, refuse collection
  • Wastewater Treatment – Sewage Sludge and Cake handling
  • Building Construction – Dry mortars, plasters, cement
  • Biomass industry - wood chips & shavings, bagasse, etc.
  • Edible food - whole chicken, poultry parts, etc.
  • Raw & inedible product
  • Agriculture industry - seeds, beans, fertilizers, compost organic waste, etc.
  • Aquaculture industry - whole fish, fish feeds, etc.
  • Recycle & Reclaim materials - PET bottles and caps, aluminum cans, plastic & rubber scraps etc.
  • Packaging Trim/Waste – plastic, paper, rubber, etc.
  • Machining – Coolant chips 

 Bulk Bag Filling with Pressure Conveying

 Conveying with Centrifugal Fan

 FIBC Unloading with Pressure Conveying

 Suck and Blow System

 Underground Pipeline (Blower Underground)

 Underground Pipeline (Blower on Surface Ground)

 Suck and Blow System with Same Material

 High Pressure,High Flow Rates,Long Distance Conveying

 Sack Unloading with Pressure Conveying